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What is BP4HS?

Body Project 4 High Schools (BP4HS) represents a extension of the Body Project, an evidence-based positive body image and body acceptance program.  BP4HS is all about increasing confidence and self-esteem, as well as influencing adolescents to feel strong and help their friends to feel the same!




End Result: 

Boys AND Girls feel empowered and confident to take on the world around them! 

The Team Behind BP4HS

Christina's Story

I graduated from Trinity University December '14 with my B.A. in Psychology. During my time at Trinity, I discovered I am extremely passionate about helping young women to understand that their beauty goes far beyond a number on a scale. I have learned, over my past three years working on the Body Project, that my enthusiasm stems from young women feeling empowered and understanding that their beauty begins with their own self-acceptance. My dream is to see these amazing changes in the young women I will be working with around San Antonio, Texas. 

Zack's Story

I started my undergraduate career at Trinity University as a baseball player and slowly transitioned from athlete to researcher. I graduated from Trinity in December '15 and BP4HS acts as my post-baccelaute project to help me reach my goal of becoming a sports psychologist. As lead male facilitator, I want to help other young men see that society's body standards are unattainable and unimportant to their mental and athletic performance. 

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