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Body Project 4 High Schools (BP4HS) is a positive body image program aimed at empowering 9th through 12th grade girls be more accepting and loving of their bodies. Through group sessions, BP4HS provides a supportive and interactive environment for girls to express their body-related insecurities and come up with behavioral changes that will continue to improve their body image. 


BP4HS groups consist of either 4 1-hour sessions or 6 45-minute sessions centered around defining the appearance-ideal perpetuated by our society, the costs associated with pursuing the appearance-ideal, exercises that fight against pursuing the appearance-ideal and finding productive behavioral changes that help girls to accept their own bodies while simulatenously helping their friends to do the same. 


Our first two groups of Alamo Heights ladies pledged to be Body Positive! An AHHS teacher pledged, too!

BP4HS is an extension of The Body Project, a body acceptance program started over a decade ago by Dr. Carolyn Becker of Trinity Univeristy and her associate Dr. Eric Stice of the University of Texas and the Oregon Research Institute. The Body Project has been run on college campuses around the country and high schools in Austin, TX and Eugine, OR. 


Saint Mary's Hall ladies knowing they are BeYOUtiful!


BP4HS is the FIRST Body Project program to be implemented in San Antonio high schools. Christina Verzijl, a recent Trinity University graduate, is facilitating the program at six San Antonio high schools.


BP4HS is our way to better the world one girl at a time! 

Keystone ladies feeling BeYOUtiful!

Alamo Heights High School

International School of the Americas 

Judson High School

Keystone Upper School

Lee High School

Saint Mary's Hall Upper School 


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